Pet Boarding vs. Pet Sitting: Which is better?

Have you ever seen pet boarding and pet sitting and wondered what the differences were? Need help figuring out which is best suited for your pet? Check out our post below!

Let’s start with pet boarding.

Pet or Dog Boarding: What is it?

Pet boarding is when an animal stays in someone else’s home while its owner is away. Professional services such as an in-home boarding company or kennel will provide the animal with food, water, exercise, and care for the pet.

Labrador retriever lying on a couch.

There are two types of pet boarding:

  • in-home pet boarding/house boarding

  • facility boarding (kennel or vet)

What is in-home pet boarding?

In-home pet boarding is when you take your dog or cat to the caretaker’s home. There is where the animal stays while you are away.

As the pet owner, you will provide the caretaker with all the pet’s items, such as their food, treats/snacks, leashes/harnesses, supplements, and medicine (when applicable) for their stay.

There may be other animals also under the care of that same caretaker. Generally, animals are not caged or crated in this environment.

Boarding Kennels: Facility Pet Boarding 

Siberian Husky sitting a cage at the kennel.

A boarding kennel is where you can pay to have your dog(s) looked after while you are away; only the care provided is not at a caregiver’s home but mainly at a veterinarian clinic or local pet establishment.

Pet Sitting: What is it?

 Some may think that pet-sitting and pet-boarding are the same, but they are not.

Diamond, the Pitt Bull, going for a walk.

Source: Tender Loving Pawz – A cute Pitt Bull named Diamond is going for one of her walks with Tender Loving Pawz!

According to Pet Sitters International, the leading pet-sitter association, pet sitting is the act of caring for a pet in its own home while the owner is away. Caring for pets in the clients’ homes is what separates pet sitters from boarders or doggie daycares.”

So, there you have it.

The main difference between pet boarding and pet sitting is that one involves caring for an animal in the absence of the owner at the caretaker’s location or completing this same act but in the client’s home instead.

Now that we know the difference, which one is better?

Pet boarding and pet sitting: Which is better?

Pet boarding and pet sitting are great options.

But which one is better for your pet?

Let’s weigh out the pros and cons.

Pet boarding: Pros and Cons


  • 24/7 and round-the-clock care and attention

  • Less chance of stress/anxiety (depending on the dog)

  • A professional and supervised environment

  • Opportunity for your pet to get exercise

  • You won’t have to worry about a stranger coming into your home


  • Stress and anxiety due to being in a new environment

  • Possible regression with being housebroken due to being in a new environment (urinating or defecating indoors caused by stress/anxiety)

  • Risk of catching an illness from other animals

A pet owner feeding his dog.

Pet Sitting: Pros and Cons


  • Your pet can remain in a familiar environment

  • Solitude and quietness for dogs that don’t do well in settings without their owners or around animals and humans they don’t know

  • Reduced risk of getting sick


  • No socialization with other animals or humans

  • Irregular routine

  • No one around if an emergency occurs

  • Fewer opportunities for exercise

  • Having some unfamiliar coming into your home

We now know the pros and cons of pet sitting and boarding. So, which one is better? 

Pet boarding!

But not just any pet boarding – IN-HOME pet boarding.

In-home pet boarding acts as a home away from home for the animals. Kennels are a great option but can often miss that essential element of a setting similar to the animal’s regular environment.

Yes, with pet sitting, your pet remains in a familiar environment. Still, there are many missed opportunities for a safe, fun, and memorable experience – something they cannot experience with pet sitting.

Your dog or cat deserves to be in a fun, safe, and clean setting. At TLP, we are all about the fun! See for yourself below!

Make the right choice for your pet.

We understand that not all animals are alike, and you know your pet best. Even with the many benefits of boarding your pet, you may still feel that in-home pet sitting suits your pet’s personality better.

We understand!

Ultimately, make your decision based on your research, your pet’s temperament, and, most importantly, your peace of mind. As a fellow pet owner, we advise you to go with your gut.

We plan to discuss this in the next post, so stay tuned.

Can’t decide what to choose?

If you are local, we’ve got you covered.

We offer in-home pet boarding, doggy walks, drop-in visits, and more. Visit the Services section to learn more about our pet care services and processes.

Stay tuned for our next discussion on searching for the proper pet boarding and pet sitting business.

Let’s discuss it! Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

See y’all next time 😊

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